Why Choose Easywell


 OEM Commissioned Manufacturing And ODM Original Factory Commissioned Design  

Since the establishment of the company in 1986 Easywell Water Systems, Inc. has been a professional in household water purification equipment R&D, design, and production; designing, producing, and providing services for customers through OEM commissioned manufacturing and ODM original factory commissioned designs

The factory covers an area of ​​8,451 square meters, while the plant covers an area of 8,824 square meters.


 Different From Our Peers – We Are Responsible  

The difference between Easywell Water Systems, Inc. and its peers is our "responsible attitude", which is proven by the following three factors:

1. When we find quality concerns, we will take the initiative to inform customers of the situation and to recall products both in transit and with clients.

2. We obtained ISO-14001 international environmental protection certification in 2001 and have retained it for more than 20 years, in order to cover our responsibility to the environment.

3. We take responsibility for compensation from product quality problems or from service negligence that cause losses to customers.


Specializing In The OEM Production Of Dechlorinating Shower Heads

Easywell Water Systems, Inc.  is Taiwan’s most professional manufacturer of dechlorination shower filters. Each dechlorination shower filter is designed, modeled, produced and tested individually. Among the companies in Taiwan that actually produce dechlorination shower filters, the greatest numbers of styles are produced by Easywell Water Systems, Inc.


 Committed To The Production of Key Components For RO Water Purifiers  

About 50% of Easywell Water Systems, Inc.’s revenue comes from the manufacture of spare parts for RO reverse osmosis products, which are mainly supplied to water purification equipment assembly plants in Europe and in the United States.

Easywell Water Systems, Inc. has also spared no effort in the research and development of the key components of RO water purifiers, with an 80% self-manufacturing ability, ranging from product and component design, plastic injection, assembly, through to testing and more, and with a development budget of more than NT$10 million on molds. We don’t use others, and all of our key components are injected, processed, produced, assembled, and inspected in our own factory, so that you can sleep peacefully at night.

Easywell Water Systems, Inc.’s product projects include:

1. RO reverse osmosis systems

2. All kinds of water purifiers and faucet type water purifiers

3. All kinds of dechlorination shower filters

4. OEM of water purifier components: drinking faucets, activated carbon filters, various filter housings, four-way shut-off valves, high/low pressure switches, flow restrictors, water feed adaptors, cartridges…

5. Water filters parts: plastic/brass fittings, drinking faucets...

6. Pitcher filters with a capacity of 3.5 liters and 2.5 liters


 Government Awards  

Easywell Water Systems, Inc. knows how to use its strength through standing on the shoulders of giants and has applied for, and received, a number of national awards confirmed by the government:

1. The 17th Little Giant Award (the first in the industry)

2. The Brand Star Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs

3. The 14th SME Innovation Research Award

4. The Feiyan Entrepreneurship Award from the Department of SMEs


 The Importance And Value Through Obtaining International Product Certification  

In order to strengthen the quality of Easywell Water Systems, Inc. products, the quality of each batch of goods received by customers is consistent, with a lot of attention being paid to product certification:

1. Many products (drinking faucets, special filter element for refrigerators...) have obtained NSF product certification.

2. Four products have been awarded the provincial water mark from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

3. Easywell Water Systems, Inc. has won the Taiwan Excellence Award for five consecutive years.


4. A total of 54 products have passed CE safety certification.

5. A total of 91 patents worldwide have been obtained


 Strengthening Product Laboratory Test Equipment  

We are well aware of the importance of product quality, and have held the ISO-9001 international quality assurance system since 1999. As of the end of July 2020, a total of NTD 17 million has been spent on: building the laboratory; and purchasing a varied range of laboratory instruments, product reliability testing equipment, polymer plastic melt index testers, hydrometers, microbiological testing, and 3D image size measuring instrument...etc., on a continuous basis.


 Investment In Automated Production Equipment  

In recent years, we have spent tens of millions of TWD in purchasing production automation equipment and laboratory testing equipment. This expenditure has: enhanced the stability and quality of our products, reduced the need for excessive levels of labor, and has reduced production costs.


 We welcome the cooperation of E-commerce and direct sales companies  

Easywell Water Systems, Inc. develops and produces water filter kettles, dechlorination shower heads, faucet-type water filters... and other easy-to-install water filters, which are suitable for sale on various e-commerce platforms. In addition, we also provide customized products, and welcome direct sales companies to cooperate with us.